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Where Should You Play Online?

One of the toughest challenges for an online poker, internet bingo, or online casino newbie is finding an online poker room, bingo room or Microgaming casinos to play at.  There are now hundreds of online poker sites around, and all of them seem to be trying to get your attention with glitzy ads, celebrity endorsements and promotions. So how should you choose an online poker room or bingo sites to play at?

The first considerations for a player should be safety and security. We’ve all seen the news reports about dishonest poker and casino rooms. This means that finding a reputable online poker room or casino room is vital if you want to be online casino king.

A good way to determine if a poker room is reputable is to see where it’s based. Since online gambling is illegal in the US, all of the Poker rooms are based overseas. You can find out where a poker room is based by going to the about us feature on the poker site’s homepage. That should show you the site’s physical address and the name of the governmental authority that regulates it. If it doesn’t show this, get suspicious. Poker Stars is a good bet because it’s based in the Isle of Man which is part of the United Kingdom. That means it’s regulated by British authorities under British law.

The best way to learn something about a poker or casino site, and its reputation, is to Google its name and see what comes up. Take a look at the forum posts, find best casino reviews and check the Wikipedia entry on the poker site. If the place has a bad reputation with players or a cheating scandal in its history, this will come out online. If you see that there’s been a lot of cheating at a poker room or a lot of complaints about it, play elsewhere.

US citizens should be aware of the fact that since December 1, 2009, it is now illegal for a US bank to pay off on an online bet under federal law. This means that it’ll be illegal to send money to a poker room for betting or for a poker room to pay a US citizen. If you live in the United States, don’t send money to any online poker room because it can be seized by the US government. This has already happened to some players. American citizens are still able to play poker online; they just won’t be able to bet on it from their bank accounts until the law changes.

Reputable online Texas Hold em poker rooms simply refuse bets from people in the US. If a poker room is accepting bets from the United States, it’s breaking the law so avoid it.

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