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Playing Texas Hold’em by the Numbers

There are several aspects out there that make a person good at Texas Hold’em. When looking up these aspects, the person will find that there are very few experts that are going to agree on the main aspect to know, except knowing how to gage the starting hand that the person has and whether this is worth playing.

Those that are beginning to play Texas Hold’Em are going to find that one of the most common problems that they have is playing too many hands that leads to them losing. However, there is also the problem in not playing enough hands and losing out on winning due to this. Therefore, it is important that the person be able to identify the starting hand that is going to give them the highest chance of winning the game. There are other skills that will develop over time such as how to be deceptive to other plays, having an image that does not show what you have in your hand and the like.

The ability to use simple math when getting your first hand of cards is essential to learning the way in which you can win a hand or two. And this involves knowing what each card points value is and the families in which adds onto other points that the person has. The Ace is worth sixteen points, queen is worth thirteen points, a king is worth fourteen points, a jack is worth twelve points and the ten is worth eleven points. The other cards are worth the value that is listed on the card, for example, an eight of diamonds is worth eight points.

When it gets down to the combination of cards, there are several scenarios that are going to add up points. If you have two cards that are paired, then the person needs to add on ten points to the total. While two cards that are both in the same suit are going to add four points onto the total. If you have cards that are next to each other in rank, for example a King and a Queen, then add three points onto the total. If you have cards that are only absent one card to make the cards in sequence, then add two points. An example would be having an Ace and a Queen, minus the King. With a two card gap in the cards, then you will add one point onto the total.

Once the person has their totals, they will know that any hand that has at least thirty or more points is a hand that is going to be competition worthy and not require the person to rise. And in most situations a person that has thirty points or more are going to have a seventy percent chance of winning. Even those hands that have twenty-seven points are going to be a contender to win.