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Poker Bonuses

One of the main things that are overlooked by poker players who are signing up at an online poker site are the Poker Bonuses offered by each poker room. Players can receive special free money bonuses when they sign up for an online poker room and follow specific instructions that each poker site sets for their first deposit bonus.

The free money bonuses are usually given in a % of the amount you decide to deposit.  For example a popular bonus is a 100% bonus.  This means that the amount you were to deposit would be matched (hence the 100%) in free bonus money.  If the poker bonus was a 50% bonus your deposit would be multiplied by 50% to calculate how much you would receive (which would be equal to half the amount you deposited).

The more you deposit for your first time at the poker rooms the bigger bonus you will receive, but there is often a limit on the bonus money given out.  Poker rooms will often set a maximum amount, such as $500, that they will give out in free money.  The size of the max bonus amount will depend on the poker room, but the most often seen bonus amounts range from $50 to $1000, with $500 being the most common.

Poker rooms will also change their poker bonuses from time to time with limited offers, freerolls on great online poker tournaments, sometime doubling their bonus percentages or dollar amounts.  If you are looking to sign up for a poker room specifically for the bonus I would suggest the William Hill Promotional Code bonus.  William Hill is offering any new player who signs up for a poker account up to $1000 in bonuses after they use the promo code. There are four levels to the William Hill bonus, depending on how much you deposit for your first deposit.

It is usually smart to make your biggest deposit first when you are receiving a bonus, as you will receive more free money this way.  Do your research before you are signing up for an online poker site, and read up on all of the small details on each bonus, as some may be released quicker and have better withdrawal rules.  Good luck at the poker tables and of course enjoy your free poker bonus money!