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Poker – Worlds Most Famous Card Game

Poker is probably the world’s most famous card game, when someone is asked to name a card game poker is usually their first answer. Offline poker is usually player amongst men around a table as part of a poker night, just like a game of bingo would be played amongst women. Playing poker online however allows you to win big money, meet new friends and even play for free.

Knowing the Rules

Before you start playing poker with real money it is definitely advised to practice before hand. Luck only make up a portion of the game, you need to know which hands have better values, how to tell if someone is bluffing and how to bluff yourself. You also need to know about betting; betting too much too soon can give your whole strategy away.


Some poker players base all of their strategy around bluffing. Because you cannot see other player’s cards you have to go with how much they bet each round. Someone who bets high can usually tell you that they have a good hand, but this just could be a strategy. When you bet you are basically betting to see the other players cards and at the end the players who are still in the game show their cards to everyone. The player with the best hand wins.

Some players will have a terrible hand but bet high to signal that they have a good hand, this can make people fold which makes all the money go to them. You have to be careful however. If you are bluffing and the other player genuinely has a better hand and keeps in the game until the end you will lose.

Poker Hands

1- Royal Flush
2- Straight Flush
3- Four of a Kind
4- Full House
5- Flush
6- Straight
7- Three of a Kind
8- Two Pair
9- One Pair
10 High Card

Above are the different hands that you can get in poker, you need to know what each hand is in card terms and know how much you wish to bet per hand. Let’s say you have a Royal Flush, you do not want to bet minimum as you could win serious money with this hand, again, you do not want to bet maximum the first round so people get suspicious to know which hand you may have.

Playing Poker For Free

Just like bingo sites give out free bingo money to entice bingo players onto their online sites so do poker sites. They usually make offers that are too good to resist such as deposit match bonuses and free money to play with. Do not get thinking that these offers are too good to be true, the offers are genuine and are a means of such sites getting more players. Once you sign up to a site you are more likely to stay. That is why such bonuses are given out on sites