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Key to bluffing in poker

Anyone who plays poker knows how important it is to have a bluff strategy in place in order to win the pot. The world popular expression of ‘poker face’ requires one to master the art of bluffing without giving himself or herself away with a twitch in the face. If you find yourself lacking in this very aspect and want to pick a few tips and tricks to fool your opponent into folding as he or she believes that you have a better hand them him or her, you have come to just the right place. The ability to bluff is extremely important for any poker player who aspires to become a professional one day.

The excitement of getting the ante even with the worst hand at the table is something that can be experienced only if you are good at bluffing. However, you need to understand that bluffing is an art and you need to approach the same accordingly. Playing every hand and bluffing in every game will make the other players pick up the scent and call your bluff that can prove quite embarrassing, not to mention the amount that you will lose in the pot.  Thus, while bluffing you need to ensure that you do it well so that there is no room left for your opponent to move in for the quick kill.

bluffing in poker

Bluffing is basically lying through the teeth in the hope of swiping the pot from under the nose of other players. While this can offer quite a rush, you need to make a decision as to when to bluff and when to fold. Anyone can bluff, but it is the ability to get away with it that determines your success at it. Thus, it is important not to make stupid bluffs and to count on the combination of right timing, position, a little bit of calculation and some good poker sense as well as gut feeling. One of the most common mistakes that rookies make is bluffing right after a raise and before a flop. You should avoid doing this.

Sometimes players do not even realize that playing a reasonably good hand well will not even require them to bluff. Bluffing too often or randomly is one of the most common mistakes committed by beginners that you should avoid. You should also take the mannerisms and body language of your opponents into consideration before bluffing.