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Poker Affiliates

Setting up an online poker website looks like a great way to make a lot of money to a lot of people.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the money or resources to set up a poker room. You have to have millions of dollars to cover the bets, 24 hour technical support to keep the site up and running, a small army of programmers and others to maintain the site, and loads of advertising to attract the players. Most of us simply don’t have those resources but there is a way average people can cash in on online poker.

Many poker sites allow other website owners to become their affiliates. This means that they give you some sort of payment every time you refer a customer or gambler to their website. Some poker sites even offer affiliates a percentage of the money they make off of players.

Poker sites do this because are constantly looking for new players. Turnover on poker sites is high as new players log on and old ones log out. To keep going, poker sites need a steady supply of new gamblers.

Affiliates who can refer new players to them are one of the best sources of new gamblers. This means that poker sites, even the big ones, are constantly looking for new affiliates.

This works pretty much the same in all fields of online gambling, but choosing what site you wish to become an affiliate of is more difficult when it comes to poker.  If you had a bingo affiliate site, for example, you would most likely team up with a site like or another one of the few top leading sites, and that would be quite an easy choice (these sites also tend to rub the most professional and lucrative affiliate programs.)  But because poker has such a huge market, there so many different poker affiliate programs our there, even when you only count the ones that are fairly professional, and you really need to perform some extensive research before choosing your affiliate program.  A main concern, as mentioned above, is how you to make money as an affiliate.

A person could cash in on this by setting up their own poker related or themed web site, for example, a poker news blog or a poker advice website. Another suggestion would be a guide to a popular gambling area like Tunica or Las Vegas with a list of casinos, or a list of poker rooms or casinos in a city like Los Angeles or London. A website about a popular casino could also work for this. Another idea would be a website devoted to another form of gambling such as the lottery, sports betting or horse racing. Since people going to such a site are already interested in gambling, they might be willing to take a chance on internet poker.

You could also take advantage of the poker boom on TV by setting up a website devoted to a poker TV show like Late Night Poker or the World Poker Tour. Or a website devoted to a famous poker player like Phil Hellmuth or Chris Moneymaker. If you could get a lot of hits from such a website, you could make some money through Google Adwords or AdSense.

One thing you should keep in mind here is that internet gambling is illegal in the US. The US government has seized internet gambling winnings from bank accounts before. This means that affiliates in programs that generate income from US gamblers could have their funds seized.