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Poker Face

It is probably the case that not many people have a good poker face. If we are playing against strangers, then it could be pretty easy for us to hide our face, but if we are playing against people that we know, then they will get to know certain characteristics that we have. Some people just cannot hide their emotions at all anyway.

It is not a natural thing to do and it may look false and then give away what you are doing anyway. This is where playing online can be a great advantage. It can be really useful to not have anyway of being able to give away how you are feeling. You do need to be careful still though. This is because many poker rooms have chat facilities and even what you type could give away some things and so it could be better to not type during the games and then you do not risk giving away any information at all. Obviously it means that you do not have the opportunity to read the emotions of the other players either.

If you are very skilled at this then perhaps playing carbon poker rakeback online may not be something you will enjoy, but it could still appeal to you but just in a different way. Not having the distraction of a face to look at could really help your game. You may find, that although you may have thought you were good at reading expressions, that in fact you play better without thinking about what the other players are doing so much. Obviously you still need to have a think about what their cards could be but you will just have the way that they play to base that information on and it could be a much better indicator anyway.