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Basic Strategy on Texas Holdem Poker

Even though the rules of the Texas Holdem Poker are very simple and easily learned, the game still requires high level skills and strategies. The ultimate aim of the player is to win the pot finishing with the best poker hand. Follow the below tips to strategize your game and increase the chance of winning.

Tip 1.  Out of the total Seven Cards, you can see five cards after the flop. At this stage, you can identify your chances in the final round. Evaluate your cards carefully and bet accordingly. If you need to stay for the Turn and River demands, either you should have a potentially strong hand or a valid reason to fold the opponents in the future round.

Tip 2. Never continue to play beyond the flop without any diverse possibilities such as a decent side-card and a strong pair, a straight, a kicker or flush draw. In case, you flop a draw, try to stick with that till a greater payoff is promised from the pot.

Tip 3. Even though Ace-King is considered as a tremendous starting combination, it definitely requires catching the flop either with King or Ace in order to play the game aggressively.

Tip 4. It is always a big advantage if you act last in Holdem similar to batting last in baseball. So always play few hands if you must act before your opponents. Generally, the hands that you fold routinely from previous position may raise hands if you act last.

Tip 5. In order to create a strong winning hand, carefully think how the communal cards can be made to interact with the two hidden pocket cards.

Tip 6. If necessary, call it quits. If you are having a worthless hand and haven’t lost much, try to fold early. It is always a good practice to quit, being on the safer side with less loss.

Tip 7. If you need to succeed at Texas Holdem, you need to be very patient, pay careful attention to position and strategize your game based on the situation