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The game of Poker

New technology allows millions to play poker on the Internet. The game of poker, however, is anything but new. What we see now in dozens of online casinos is the latest version of a traditional parlor game.

Try Winner poker to get a taste of how the game is being played today. The game has changed drastically in the centuries. It was first played as a home game and a neighborhood pastime. The game we know as poker seems to have started 1000 years ago, in China! Similar cards were used for entertainment and wagering in Egypt and Persia hundreds of years ago.

At Winner online casino and other great sites you can enjoy the modern version of this fascinating game. The modern game might be based in the French game of poque, Germany’s pochen, or primero from Spain. Poker has long been a staple in such cities as Las Vegas and Reno, as well as in the riverboats of the Mississippi. Hundreds of people played and gambled with cards, in backrooms and poker rooms, but today millions play the game on home computers at sites like Winner online casino.

A quick search for online poker reveals thousands of sites specifically for such poker versions as Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha. Dozens of excellent casino sites offer poker rooms in addition to all the popular casino games. Everyone who wants to enjoy online poker can do so by visiting Winner poker. You’ll find cash games and tournaments at levels ranging from penny-ante stakes to games that have a buy-in of several hundred dollars. At Winner online casino you will even have the chance to play one of the casino variations of poker. Poker is a great game, with a long and fascinating history. Play it now, online!