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Caribbean Stud Poker

The Caribbean Stud poker is a popular casino that has similar rules to five card stud poker. The game is slightly different from five card stud poker in the sense that here the players are playing against the dealer or the house and not amongst themselves and that one card of the dealer is always displayed.

Rules of the game

Caribbean stud poker has certain rules that must be observed while playing. These rules are as follows:

•    The players are allowed to wager on only one hand. Multiple hands cannot be held or waged at the table.
•    If players choose to play the Progressive payout bet, then it is their responsibility to insert the $1 wager into the slot and make sure that the “indicator light” shows ON.
•    If at any time a player is dealt with incorrect amount of cards, it would be a push or a dead hand for the particular player only.
•    Players cannot communicate or exchange information with respect to their hand, neither with the dealer and nor among themselves. The hand would be declared dead and the wagers be forfeited if this rule is violated.
•    The players are allowed to see and examine their cards after being dealt. The players are not allowed to touch the cards again if they have earlier placed them on the table with face down.
•    If there is a misdeal to the dealer, other than only four out of five cards being dealt, the hands become void and there is a reshuffle and a redeal.
•    Whatever decision the casino or table supervisor takes is final.

How to play Caribbean stud poker

The game begins when the player makes an ante bet after which both the dealer and the player each receive five cards. Out of the five cards to the dealer, one is face up. The player on seeing the open card and his own card can decide whether to fold the cards or make a raise. The game is over if the player chooses to fold. He also loses his ante bet.

In case, the player raises and makes an additional bet with double the ante bet, the dealer’s cards are displayed and the winner is decided. The game is over with this and the winner is paid the win amount. Here it is important to note that in case of a raise by the player, it is first determined whether or not the dealer qualifies to play. To qualify the dealer must have an ace or a king as a high card or there must be a pair or a better hand. In case the dealer does not qualifies, the player gets 1 to 1 on the ante bet and the raise bet is returned back to the player.

The best ranking hand is decided and is won, in case the dealer qualifies. The player loses both the ante and the raise bet if the hand of the dealer is higher. But in case the player’s hand is higher than that of the dealer, he wins 1 to 1 on the ante bet and is paid the raised bet as per the rules of the Raise Pay Table. In case both the dealer and the player have same ranking cards, the winner is decided by the highest ranking card from the hand held.