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Understanding Continuation Betting – A Newcomer’s Introduction

Learning poker can be tricky because everyone wants to teach you something about poker that you don’t really know. You have to be aware that it’s time to dig in deep, learn everything you can about poker…and be prepared to fail. Be prepared to make mistaken. Be prepared to fall on your face. Be prepared to get back up again. If you don’t have this attitude going into poker, chances are pretty good that you’re not going to have it when you get out of poker. That’s just the way it really is. You have to have a tiger’s mentality, and most tigers aren’t just going to go hungry when they fail to catch anything. They will keep hunting until they do.

So, one concept that we wanted to cover for you right now would be the continuation betting concept. This covers flop play, which is something that a lot of newbies forget.

For example, let’s say that you have a good hand and you raise before the flop comes down. Not bet. However, a lot of newbies feel nervous about raising when the flop comes down. This is a mistake that can cost you a lot of pots. It’s all about poker image, when you really think about it. If you aren’t careful, you will end up making yourself look bad. If you raise before the flop comes down, you’re showing that you’re in the game. However, if you don’t continue to raise, you’re showing that you really have a much weaker hand. This gives the other players the incentive to try to bully you, forcing you out of a pot that you could have excelled at and even won. Continue reading

The Real Angle to Scoring During Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are fun — though they can be indeed daunting for the newcomer. You see all of that prize money and a big field of players and owner… could I really win?

Absolutely. However, you need to realize that poker tournaments do indeed attract a huge amount of players. They all want the same thing that you do – a big stack of cash! What is the poker newbie to do to maximize their success at poker tournaments?

Glad you asked!

1. Learn the Fundamentals

The fundamentals of poker are out there. Studying good poker theory just makes sense no matter who you are. You might think that you don’t need to really spend a lot of time reading up on the basics, but we’re here to tell you — you do. Otherwise, you’re going to get creamed. Do you know the importance of position in poker? What about hand strengths? Do you know which hands to avoid? You might see players playing 72o, but this is actually one of the worst starting hands in poker. Don’t hope for a lucky flop. You might get 7-7-2 rainbow on the flop, but that type of draw doesn’t happen very often. You really need to make sure that you’re truly playing hands worth playing. That’s the hardest part of being a newcomer. When you feel like you can steal a pot, you might push in with less than a premium hand. At lower levels of the tournament, this can be okay, but as you rise higher? Expect people to be playing much more aggressively. If they feel that you’re bluffing and trying to be bigger than what you are, they will tear you down in a hurry. You need to make sure that you rise above that.

2. Study Your Opponents

Your opponents are the ones that really need to be studied here, not just the cards. You want to make sure that you look at the way everyone is playing. At first, this might take you a while, and you might feel discouraged. There’s nothing to worry about. Play a few poker tournaments that are more like Sit-N-Gos, where you don’t have to go from table to table. This lets you really see what type of players you’re dealing with. Are you dealing with bingo players, who go all in just to scare people? Or are you dealing with sharks? Look at who has the biggest stack on the board, and who doesn’t have the biggest stack. There are a lot of players out there that really will mess with your head, so keep your guard up.


Even though most tournaments have chat boxes, you don’t have to feel obligated to use them. They are just there for people that want to chat on breaks, or in between hands. Some players are all about chatting it up, while others want to concentrate. You’ll find out what type of player you are as you play more rounds.

3. Set an Image

Your image is simply the way others see you. Don’t be afraid to play “dumb” for a while in order to get a better read on someone. If they underestimate you, then you ultimately have power over them. However, you don’t want to get carried away. There’s going to come a point where you really do need to tighten up and not play so many hands.

Being a tight player is a good thing, because it means that you have an eye for selection. But you don’t want to get so tight that you become a “rock”.

This is also the case for “limping”. There is a time and a place to seriously raise — yes, it might make other people fold, but who cares? Raising shows that you do have something, and it can set you up for a continuation bet (c-bet). C-betting plays into your image. If you c-bet, then you’re reminding them that yes, you have a good hand. Make them pay to keep drawing against you. Chances are good that they will either fold or push in, and that means that you have a much bigger pot than if you limped in (called) and then raised (scaring them away anyway).

4. Change Your Image

Changing your image is necessary. You don’t want people getting a read on you and then basically forcing you to change your strategy. That just wouldn’t be fair or fun. You need to think about how you’re playing. If you’ve been playing loose, tighten up. Yes, that might mean you sacrifice a few hands that would have been playable. But it’s all about making sure that you keep your opponents on your toes. Change the amount of your raises as well, so that you don’t form a pattern. If you’re always raising 5BB when you have something good, that is a flag that players will fixate on.

5. Grow in Aggression

When it’s time to grow in aggression, you’ll know. This is usually when you’re either on the bubble (1-2 places away from a money finish) or already in the money and you want to knock some people out to get their chips and rise higher.

A lot of newbies are afraid to get tough. Why? If you have a good hand and you know it, why not raise preflop? There’s no need to feel like you can’t win just because others aren’t winning. You don’t want to get sucked into what other people do to the point that you’re frozen in time. That would definitely be the wrong course of action.

The better approach is to raise when you can, and fold when you do not have the advantage. Do not “river ride” your way through wins. If people pick up on the fact that you’re doing that, they’re going to use it against you. They will make you pay to draw, and then when you lose to that last out on the river, you’ll wish that you had just folded. It’s happened to us a thousand times, and we always swear that we will fix this mistake.

It’s up to you to decide what you will do in a tournament situation. Some people thrive in tournaments, and prefer to play that way. Other people prefer to play table games. It’s really going to be up to you to make sure that you’re thinking about how to play, and building your own strategy. If you’re super new, you might want to play a few ring games and really interact with people before you jump into a tournament. There’s nothing wrong with a little free poker practice to sharpen your skill. Remember this: every shark had to start at one point as a fish!

Playing Texas Hold’em by the Numbers

There are several aspects out there that make a person good at Texas Hold’em. When looking up these aspects, the person will find that there are very few experts that are going to agree on the main aspect to know, except knowing how to gage the starting hand that the person has and whether this is worth playing.

Those that are beginning to play Texas Hold’Em are going to find that one of the most common problems that they have is playing too many hands that leads to them losing. However, there is also the problem in not playing enough hands and losing out on winning due to this. Therefore, it is important that the person be able to identify the starting hand that is going to give them the highest chance of winning the game. There are other skills that will develop over time such as how to be deceptive to other plays, having an image that does not show what you have in your hand and the like.

The ability to use simple math when getting your first hand of cards is essential to learning the way in which you can win a hand or two. And this involves knowing what each card points value is and the families in which adds onto other points that the person has. The Ace is worth sixteen points, queen is worth thirteen points, a king is worth fourteen points, a jack is worth twelve points and the ten is worth eleven points. The other cards are worth the value that is listed on the card, for example, an eight of diamonds is worth eight points.

When it gets down to the combination of cards, there are several scenarios that are going to add up points. If you have two cards that are paired, then the person needs to add on ten points to the total. While two cards that are both in the same suit are going to add four points onto the total. If you have cards that are next to each other in rank, for example a King and a Queen, then add three points onto the total. If you have cards that are only absent one card to make the cards in sequence, then add two points. An example would be having an Ace and a Queen, minus the King. With a two card gap in the cards, then you will add one point onto the total.

Once the person has their totals, they will know that any hand that has at least thirty or more points is a hand that is going to be competition worthy and not require the person to rise. And in most situations a person that has thirty points or more are going to have a seventy percent chance of winning. Even those hands that have twenty-seven points are going to be a contender to win.

Why The Online Casinos Have So Much Sizzle!

One word that comes to mind when we get asked about online casinos is sizzle. Indeed, online casinos have plenty of sizzle, and it’s high time that you checked them out as soon as possible. These places are a gateway to real entertainment that can really make a difference, but you’re going to have to figure things out for yourself. You want to make sure that you’re thinking about your own entertainment, because life is short and everyone needs an outlet to blow off steam. Stress can buildup and really drag you down, to the point where you might feel like there’s no other options. You might just wake up and go through each and every day, feeling like there’s never going to be any fun. As a society, we have no problem working hard to reach out goals. But you have to have some sort of reward in mind. Years and years of mindless work are going to make you crazy. You deserve better.

Playing at an online casino might sound small, but it does pay off in the long run. After all, how many different entertainment venues really give you the power to be able to win extra money on the side? Do you really need to think hard about all of the things that you could do with extra money? If you have children, you could surprise them with something nice from the high street. If you are working hard to make ends meet, then you’ll find that you will be able to use the extra money to treat yourself to a few awesome things.

casino playing

You get to be in control of your experience when you go into a casino. The games that you will play will feature full color and full sound, which means that you get to immerse yourself in the experience.

That’s where the sizzle comes in. You get the thrill of betting on things for real money, which is quite a rush! You also get the power to have a good time with new people. Social interactions on big casinos like Unibet give you an outlet to brighter days because you will be able meet plenty of new people.

Unibet is a casino that offers the new and veteran gambler alike with plenty of options. There are also welcome bonuses going on all the time, so you will want to check that out here. After all, you can never have too much bankroll. Good luck!

Three Cheers For Poker – Are You Ready?

When you really want to tap into a source of entertainment that won’t let you down, online poker is definitely the answer. That’s because it’s really always there for you, around the clock. A lot of people find that developing a hobby can be quite hard when you already have a full time life. No matter where you look, there’s always something else to think about. This means that you’re going to need to focus on the bigger picture, and that means thinking about everything standing in your way to some good old fashioned rest and relaxation. Sure, a lot of people think that taking time off isn’t really that important. However, you will learn fast that the more time that you can really take for yourself, the better off that you’re going to feel in the long run. That’s why it’s so critical to make sure that you really do claim that time.

Online gambling is something that millions of people do around the world, every day. The thrill of betting real money and getting even more money back can be really worth getting more into gambling. If you’re going to enter this world though, you really need to amok sure that you start with the right casino.

Here’s the first casino that definitely springs to mind — Betway Casino. It’s a casino that definitely allows you to play a variety of casino games and bet real cash, which naturally sets the foundation for you to win real cash as well. Live betting in the sports ring means that you can not only watch the big games, but you can bet on them in real time. That adds a whole new dimension to your gambling.

But really, poker is truly the star of the show. There is always a good poker game going on — even at 3am! A free download gets you connected to the game without issues, meaning that you get the entertainment you’re looking for on your terms.

The social element of the online casino experience can’t be denied either — you have to get into the casino in order to see all of the new people that you’re going to meet. Once you really look around and see so many friendly faces, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t start playing poker online sooner.

Again, picking the right casino couldn’t be more important if you tried. So if you really want to make sure that you have things together, it’s definitely time to start thinking about playing gambling games at Betway Casino — you’ll be glad that you did!

Should You Ever Fold AA

Poker is filled with questions large and small. Some questions are all about the game itself, while others are about how to handle the psychological side of poker.

Other questions, like the one covered today, deal directly with the cards. One of the first questions that a lot of newcomers to the world of online poker ask is whether or not they should ever fold AA, also known as “rockets”. However, the question is not specific enough to be answered.

So let’s refine it: generally speaking, most people are wondering whether or not they should fold AA pre-flop, during the time before the community cards are shown. If we’re talking about Texas Hold’Em Poker, most people are wondering this because someone else on the table has gone all-in.

All-in bets are tricky. If you bet right, you could take their chips and raise your chip stack very quickly. If you’re wrong, then you lose everything and either have to buy back in, or get out of the table completely. You need to check your current chip stack first to see if it’s even worth your while it pursue the bot. If you’re struggling as it is, you might want to conservatively sit the game out.

However, think about it from this perspective:

Prospective Hands

When it comes to the best hands on the board, you really can’t beat a nice AA for your starting hand. However, having AA pre-flop on an all-in bet is a bit of a loaded question because it is not a guaranteed (italicize this) win. There are plenty of boards that could make your AA unimportant, such as a high straight board, or even one where another player catches 3 of a kind. It doesn’t matter what type of pair you have. If you have a pair and another player has 2 pair, then you lose. Keep this in mind.

Now, if you’re trying to play more along the lines of power poker, then you will want to make sure that you actually push in and be confident about it. You don’t want to think that your AA will always win, but you also don’t want to play from a position where you think you have the losing hand. Remember that you have the best starting hand on the board. Everything else should flow together.

Again, it’s hard to say if you should “always” “never” or “sometimes” fold AA. It’s a matter of looking at your opponents, knowing your board, knowing your cards, and knowing your own playing style. If you don’t have the guts for power poker, you shouldn’t pretend. Playing aggressively takes confidence, and people will often get out of your way if you’re playing this way.

Of course, poker position also matters. The question just about assumes that you’re last in position, or close to last in position. You can also scare off players by going all in with AA, because people will assume that you have a pretty high hand — but they might not assume that you have the top hand. It just depends on what type of players that you are playing.

At the end of the day, if you can’t take it — fold ‘em. It’s better to play another round than to flake out before you’re ready to walk away from the game completely. That’s it!

Texas Hold ‘Em Rules

In order to understand the rules of Texas hold ‘em it is somewhat helpful to understand the basic rules of poker and how typical poker hands work, but with enough practice, anyone can pick up the basic rules of game play. Texas hold ‘em is a form of poker in which bets are placed blindly by two players and antes can be used in addition to blinds in the latter stages of play in a tournament.

With Texas hold ‘em, the dealer deals two cards, face down to each player, and then deals five cards face up in front of him or herself. The first three of these face up cards are called ‘the flop’, the next card (the fourth) is called ‘the turn’, and the last card (the fifth) is called ‘the river’. As there are three main variations of Texas hold ‘em, limit hold ‘em, no-limit hold ‘em, and pot-limit hold ‘em, rules are described per type of game.

Limit Texas hold ‘em is perhaps the favored form of the game in casinos and other live action venues. Bets and raises that occur in the beginning two rounds, when the first three cards are dealt face up in front of the dealer (the flop), and must equal the big blind bet. This bet is called the small bet. In the next rounds, the fourth and fifth cards (the turn and the river) are dealt and the bets and raises must be at least twice the size of the big blind and is called the big bet.

No-limit Texas hold ‘em is the variation of the game you most likely see on televised tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. Players bet and rise in any quantity as long as it’s higher than the last bet or rise. If someone raises or re-raises with all of their money and cannot equal the last raise amount, the initial person cannot raise again. With pot-limit Texas hold ‘em, a person can only rise as much as in the pot currently and includes the amount that is necessary to call.

The decks of Texas hold ‘em poker games are typically regular decks of 52 cards with the jokers removed. The person who sits in the small blind seat is dealt their cards first and the person sitting in the button seat receives their cards last. The two face down cards dealt to players is called the pocket cards. Those cards are only shown at the end of play, the showdown, which makes Texas hold ‘em a closed version of poker.

Some great free casino games for your entertainment.

Poker Affiliates

Setting up an online poker website looks like a great way to make a lot of money to a lot of people.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the money or resources to set up a poker room. You have to have millions of dollars to cover the bets, 24 hour technical support to keep the site up and running, a small army of programmers and others to maintain the site, and loads of advertising to attract the players. Most of us simply don’t have those resources but there is a way average people can cash in on online poker.

Many poker sites allow other website owners to become their affiliates. This means that they give you some sort of payment every time you refer a customer or gambler to their website. Some poker sites even offer affiliates a percentage of the money they make off of players.

Poker sites do this because are constantly looking for new players. Turnover on poker sites is high as new players log on and old ones log out. To keep going, poker sites need a steady supply of new gamblers.

Affiliates who can refer new players to them are one of the best sources of new gamblers. This means that poker sites, even the big ones, are constantly looking for new affiliates.

This works pretty much the same in all fields of online gambling, but choosing what site you wish to become an affiliate of is more difficult when it comes to poker.  If you had a bingo affiliate site, for example, you would most likely team up with a site like or another one of the few top leading sites, and that would be quite an easy choice (these sites also tend to rub the most professional and lucrative affiliate programs.)  But because poker has such a huge market, there so many different poker affiliate programs our there, even when you only count the ones that are fairly professional, and you really need to perform some extensive research before choosing your affiliate program.  A main concern, as mentioned above, is how you to make money as an affiliate.

A person could cash in on this by setting up their own poker related or themed web site, for example, a poker news blog or a poker advice website. Another suggestion would be a guide to a popular gambling area like Tunica or Las Vegas with a list of casinos, or a list of poker rooms or casinos in a city like Los Angeles or London. A website about a popular casino could also work for this. Another idea would be a website devoted to another form of gambling such as the lottery, sports betting or horse racing. Since people going to such a site are already interested in gambling, they might be willing to take a chance on internet poker.

You could also take advantage of the poker boom on TV by setting up a website devoted to a poker TV show like Late Night Poker or the World Poker Tour. Or a website devoted to a famous poker player like Phil Hellmuth or Chris Moneymaker. If you could get a lot of hits from such a website, you could make some money through Google Adwords or AdSense.

One thing you should keep in mind here is that internet gambling is illegal in the US. The US government has seized internet gambling winnings from bank accounts before. This means that affiliates in programs that generate income from US gamblers could have their funds seized.

Poker Face

It is probably the case that not many people have a good poker face. If we are playing against strangers, then it could be pretty easy for us to hide our face, but if we are playing against people that we know, then they will get to know certain characteristics that we have. Some people just cannot hide their emotions at all anyway.

It is not a natural thing to do and it may look false and then give away what you are doing anyway. This is where playing online can be a great advantage. It can be really useful to not have anyway of being able to give away how you are feeling. You do need to be careful still though. This is because many poker rooms have chat facilities and even what you type could give away some things and so it could be better to not type during the games and then you do not risk giving away any information at all. Obviously it means that you do not have the opportunity to read the emotions of the other players either.

If you are very skilled at this then perhaps playing carbon poker rakeback online may not be something you will enjoy, but it could still appeal to you but just in a different way. Not having the distraction of a face to look at could really help your game. You may find, that although you may have thought you were good at reading expressions, that in fact you play better without thinking about what the other players are doing so much. Obviously you still need to have a think about what their cards could be but you will just have the way that they play to base that information on and it could be a much better indicator anyway.

Poker Basics

Poker is a card game usually played between family members, friends and in clubs. Earlier this game was played with only 20 cards between 4 players betting on which players hand was the most valuable. Later on when this game became well developed, it was played with 52-cards and flush was also introduced during this period. There are many variations of this game, few of them are “stud poker” , “wild card“, “lowball“, and split-pot poker.

Poker has many variations, below are 3 of them:

Straight Poker

A player has to bet in one round with raising the bets each time. This type of poker is the oldest games of poker in history , which was played during 17th century as well. This game is very popular these days as well and it is known as “primero” , it is still very popular in U.K.

Stud Poker

Cards are arranged in combination of face-down and face-up rounds with a round of betting following each. This is the second oldest poker game after straight and it has 2 variations , one is “5-card hand” and another is “7 card stud“, in which 2 extra cards are given to each player.

Flop Poker

This game is another variation of stud in which players are dealt an incomplete hand of face-down cards and face-up community’s number are dealt to the center of the table,which can be used by one of players to make a 5-card hand.This game is very popular in U.K and United States.