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From Casino Poker to Online Poker: Making the Switch

More and more players are competing online in addition to playing in more traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Online play is so very convenient because it’s as near as your computer and you’ll seldom lack for a game. Even when it’s 5 AM where you live and there are few poker players to be found locally, it’s always prime time somewhere on this planet, and there’s always a game in cyberspace.

In one sense, making the jump from traditional casinos to online play is simple,  because no matter where you play,  poker is still played by the same rules and subject to the same mathematical and statistical parameters. If you have a set on the turn and your opponent has a straight or a flush,  the odds against catching one of the 10 cards that will promote your hand to a full house or better on the River are still 3.6-to-1 regardless of whether you’re playing online or in a casino.

But if you’re transitioning from brick-and-mortar poker to online poker,  there are some wrinkles that will take getting used to, and to succeed in a new environment there are some adjustments you’ll have to make to be successful.

If you’ve yet to play online,  and are eager to download the software and jump right into a game, let’s take first things first. Make your initial foray into online poker a play money game or at least one at micro limits, like a $0.10-$0.20 or less. You’ll have to get familiar with the software,  the site’s features,  and the speed and characteristics of online play  —  and you might as well do this as inexpensively as possible. Make your mistakes on the cheap,  learn from them,  and apply those lessons when you move on to games at your regular limits. Continue reading

Online bingo site, infused with casino games

Right from its inception, online bingo sites have always infused set of casino games, apart from their various bingo games. Players are always given the option of choosing from a varied type of room. This is the main reason why players are glued to online gaming. They were given an numerous choice that matched their varying interests perfectly.

Just like bingo lovers, casino players are equally enjoy and have fun of being part of a bingo site. Online bingo sites use some of the high-end software that helps them cater to a large audience and provide them with all the innovative games to play in.


For instance popular sites like New Look Bingo, have used the latest technology, just to stay ahead in the industry. The gaming industry in the UK itself is estimated to be worth in billions and is growing with its each passing day.

New Look Bingo also have varied types of instant games that players can partake simultaneously while playing bingo. These include all kinds of slot games, casino, freebets, scratch card game etc.

However, while talking about casino games, on New Look Bingo players are enticed with big wins. Recently, after their partnership with Microgaming, they have instilled various exclusive slots, with high end graphics and sound quality, just for the players to have a thrilling experience.

They have unique collection of slots with high end graphics . To name a few popular games are Avalon 2, Gold Factory, Bust the Bank, Fluffy Favorite etc. These slots are highly preferred among the players and New Look Bingo is trying its best to cater to their needs by providing the among all the sites.

Considering the popularity of both the games it becomes one of the major reasons for the bingo sites to offer players with both the games. Players should surely sign up to the site New Look Bingo and play bingo casino games offered by them.

Bankroll management

The bankroll management ideas here should help players both maintain and build a poker bankroll in a consistent way. With an often quoted adage in mind ‘you should not play poker with scared money,’ the following bankroll management table, if used as a tool, will allow you to play more profitably with safeguarded freedom.


Cash Tables
SnG MTT Pot/No Limit Fixed Limit Risk
Bankroll Buy-in Buy-in Take on Big blind Take on Big blind Attitude
$50 $3 $1 $1.60 $0.02 $2.00 $0.05 Brave
$100 $5 $2 $4.00 $0.05 $4.00 $0.10 Brave
$2 $1 $1.60 $0.02 $0.80 $0.02 Reasonable
$200 $10 $4 $8.00 $0.10 $10 $0.25 Brave
$5 $2 $4.00 $0.05 $2 $0.10 Reasonable
$3 $1 $1.60 $0.02 $2 $0.05 Cautious
$500 $25 $10 $20.00 $0.25 $20 $0.50 Brave
$10 $4 $4.00 $0.05 $4 $0.10 Reasonable
$3 $1 $1.60 $0.02 $2 $0.05 Cautious
$1000 $50 $20 $40 $0.50 $40 $1.00 Brave
$15 $8 $8 $0.10 $10 $0.25 Reasonable
$5 $3 $4 $0.05 $4 $0.10 Cautious
$2,500 $125 $50 $160 $2.00 $120 $3.00 Brave
$40 $20 $20 $0.25 $20 $0.50 Reasonable
$15 $5 $8 $0.10 $10 $0.25 Cautious
$5,000 $250 $100 $300 $4.00 $200 $5.00 Brave
$75 $40 $40 $0.50 $40 $1.00 Reasonable
$25 $10 $20 $0.25 $20 $0.50 Cautious
$10,000 $500 $200 $500 $6.00 $400 $10 Brave
$150 $75 $80 $1.00 $80 $2 Reasonable
$50 $25 $40 $0.50 $40 $1 Cautious
$25,000 $1,250 $500 $1,600 $20 $1,200 $30 Brave
$375 $200 $300 $4 $200 $5 Reasonable
$125 $60 $80 $1 $80 $2 Cautious
$50,000 $2,500 $1,000 $2,400 $30 $2,000 $50 Brave
$750 $400 $500 $6 $400 $10 Reasonable
$250 $125 $160 $2 $200 $5 Cautious
$100,000 $5,000 $2,000 $4,000 $50 $4,000 $100 Brave
$1,500 $750 $800 $10 $1,200 $30 Reasonable
$500 $250 $320 $4 $400 $10 Cautious
$200,000 $10,000 $4,000 $8,000 $100 $8,000 $200 Brave
$3,000 $1,500 $1,600 $20 $2,000 $50 Reasonable
$1,000 $500 $800 $10 $800 $20 Cautious

Bankroll management

It is your poker skills that have built your current bankroll. To maintain and increase your poker bankroll in a consistent way, you should know the level you can comfortably play at. The above table is not definitive and will be open to your personal interpretation, your attitude to risk and funding.

The amount you buy-in to tournaments for and take on to a cash table, should be considered in proportion to your poker bankroll and attitude to risk.

If you have a $50 poker bankroll and want to play a $3.30 multi table tourney, the table suggests it is beyond your bankroll. However, you may take the view that you set aside say $50 per month from your income as your poker money and being a renewable source, you are confident to play above what is considered a brave level.

If your poker bankroll is not readily replenished, playing near to the reasonable level should suit most.

If your attitude to risk means you play poker at the cautious level, that is okay. It is better to play with freedom at a lower risk level, than nervously at a higher level. However if you frequently play below your cautious level, it may be more beneficial to cash out your excess funds and invest in a fine bottle of wine.

You will have to decide what counts as a Sit and Go or Multi Table Tournament. I suggest a field of more than 45 players counts as a MTT.

I have been asked; “how does this all change when multi tabling?”

Being slightly evasive… I don’t recommend multi table play.

If pressed, I’d say if you do multi table, then tend toward the lower end of your comfort zone for each buy-in amount. If you enjoy playing several poker tables at once, it really comes down to how much of your poker bankroll you are willing to put at risk at any one time.


No Limit Poker Basics: Why Bet Sizing is very important

When you manage your chips correctly, you are able to maximize your gains on the table and control your loses. Pushing the right height of stack on the table will also help you manipulate your opponents on the table. Bet sizing is a critical part of your poker game, inability to play right in each hand will tell you that you have a big gaping leak in your strategy.

Money in the Pot

How much you will bet of course depends on how much is at stake. Before betting or raising, you should check out how much is in the pot. How much you will add to the pot will affect the decision of your opponents, and it is up for you to react to the incorrect or correct odds they call.

The ¾ of the Pot Rule

If you think you have a monster with your cards in No Limit Holdem then, by all means, go ¾ of the pot. If you want to make the field thin and see some opponents fold then this is the way to go. Making small bets might help your opponents outdraw you.

No Limit Poker

The situation can be different if you want to appear weak and lead other players into a trap.

Before the Flop Raise

When you are raising before the flop, you should consider shelling out about three or four times the amount of the big blind. You can also add some bet to it if there players before you who are limpers.

Betting will allow you to control the odds and catch your opponents off guard. Remember to check out the pot before doing anything on the table.

Hiding your Poker Tricks

Can you hide the way that you play poker? Can you conceal your strategy so much that nobody will ever be able to figure you out? Many advanced players are very good at doing this. But when it comes down to it, this is something that is next to impossible to do. Sure, you can hide some of the tricks that you rely on to win, but if you think that you can conceal your entire playing strategy you are way off base. This is difficult to do for one very big reason. Your poker strategy is something that you will use game in game out. For this reason, you will be showing it to your opponents every time you play. This means that they will have every opportunity to “crack the code.”

But with all of that being said, there are ways that you can hide your tricks and strategies while playing poker. Of course, this is not always the easiest thing to do, but with a bit of help you should be well on your way. Just remember, you do not want to spend all of your time worried about how to hid things from your competition. If you do this you will find out that you are wasting more time on this than you are playing the game. In turn, you will start to lose more often, and this will mean that your strategy does not mean anything anyway.

conceal poker strategy

The best way to hide what you do at the poker table is to not show anybody what you do. This does not mean that you cannot be cordial with others, but as far as giving your playing system away you should these cards tight to your chest. You will want to make sure that you never discuss what you do with anybody else. This way, you will be able to be assured that nobody knows exactly what you are thinking. Even if somebody thinks that they may have an idea as to what you are all about, they will still always be guessing in their mind. And being able to keep people off balance is very important.

Finally, do not show too much of your strategy unless you have to. If you think that you can win a game without showing everything that you do, why not go ahead this way? When you do this you can win without having to show your entire strategy. This way, down the line you will be able to pull something out that will help you to win.

Overall, your poker strategy and/or system is something that you should hold very near and dear to your heart. After all, this is what you will use in order to win at the game of poker. If you can keep your strategy as secret as possible you will be giving yourself the best chance of success. Just remember, it is not worth your time to spend all your time at the table trying to hide things. Even if somebody does learn what type of system you use, they will still have to find a way to beat you.  And surely you can vow for this!

Great Games at Circus Casino – The Perfect Addition To a Wonderful Weekend

The right casino can make all of the difference. When you’re just starting out as a new gambler, you probably only have one goal in mind: to win some money! That’s awesome if that’s where your mind is right now, because that means that you will study whatever you need to study in order to win. Even though it seems that all casinos are created equal, the truth is that you have to look for the right casino that’s really going to meet your needs.

We think that great games at Circus casino are definitely where you need to look first. One of the biggest reasons that we really like Circus Casino is that it’s backed by a major casino player — Genting Group. This is a company that owns nearly 40 UK casino sites, and they have poured millions of dollars (if not a few billion) into the brand in order to make it the best that it can possibly be.

Circus Casino

This highlights a point — you want to make sure that the casino you are playing at or thinking about playing at is going to be your absolutely best choice. Sure, its’ tempting to think that you’re just going to be able to play anyway, but you want to make sure that your deposit is going to be absolutely safe. Even though there aren’t as many payment options as some of the other accounts, the reality is that you still have plenty of deposit as well as withdrawal options.

There’s even a nice sign-up as well as a deposit bonus. You get 100% match plus a deposit bonus of 100% every time you deposit new money in. There are limits to this, but the reality is that it’s a nice bit of extra money you can use at the tables.

One thing we also enjoyed about our time at this casino were the sharp graphics on the site. It really makes you feel like you’re at a nice casino in the traditional sense, and that’s pretty powerful.

Players that are looking for a well rounded experience are going to really love this casino.

There are nearly 150 games on the site, which means that you have plenty of options no matter where you turn. They even list the payout percentages ahead of time on the website so you really know that the games are fair and honest. Check it out for yourself today!

SnG Tournaments

Sit n Go Tournaments (SnG’s) have become very popular over the last few years generally because players can just turn up to their favorite poker online room and be playing a short tournament within just a few minutes of logging on.

SnG’s are very different from normal poker tournaments though. As the name suggests, there are no set start times for SnG’s. Instead, the tournament will start once a table is fully occupied. Similarly, the field of players involved in a Sit n Go will be a lot shorter than you would find in a standard poker tournament. Generally speaking SnGs consist of nine players with the top three being paid. However, you will also be able to find tournaments where only six players involved and in some cases you can opt for a head to head battle.

Due to the number of players seated at the table, a lot of people new to the SnG tournament structure believe that they might be able to get away with just sitting at the table and hopefully sneaking into third spot.

SnG Tournaments

This is quite a dangerous thing to do as it’s actually highly unlikely to work out for you unless you’re playing at somewhere like PKR. The low limit SnG tables at PKR are generally very loose and aggressive meaning that you can be pretty much guaranteed that someone will go all-in within the first couple of hands and it’s surprising if you don’t see another couple of people try it within the next dozen hands.

Generally speaking though, you want to have some kind of solid strategy behind your play. So with that in mind, I’ve divided the average SnG up into three stages and we’ll have a look at how your play needs to develop as you progress through the tournament. Continue reading

Poker Leverage and How to Use it

Leverage in Poker refers to the act of placing a bet that has particular force against the other players because of the promise of future bets, not just the actual bet itself.

For example if a player has been playing quite loosely and is known to follow bets up with even bigger bets than any bet they place has significant leverage as the other players will fear further bets if called – making them more likely to fold. However a very tight player who only makes very conservative raises has very little leverage as there is not much for the other players to fear upon a raise other than the actual bet itself.

Using leverage is best and most effective in a no limit texas hold’em game in which you have a large stack. This way they can never be certain how many of those chips you would be willing to put in the pot and furthermore know that even if you call them all-in and lose you could still stay in the game (making you more likely to do it in their eyes).

Poker Leverage

How to gain leverage?

To gain leverage in a game of poker you must display aggressive betting tendancies to the other players. By making large bets and re-raising players you are able to gain significant leverage on your bets and therefore control the pot. Players who make a single bet and then end up checking on the river will not gain any leverage to their future bets.

If you have a short stack it is very hard to have any kind of leverage on your bets as you are not seen as any kind of a threat by the other players. However it is also hard to gain any leverage over a short stacked player as they are much more likely to commit themselves to the pot if they get a decent hand.

How to use leverage?

In essence, leverage is basically a tool you can use to create fear and create a dangerous image when you are trying to win with a less-than-ideal hand. Just make sure you only use leverage in the right situations and do so wisely.

Should You Educate Fish on Your Own Dime

Look, we love poker. We love teaching people how to do better in poker, and we definitely like explaining our side of poker to people. However, the reality is that poker is a competition. You can’t hope to compete against people and think that everything is going to be just fine. You’re going to need to make sure that you keep your guard up. Sure, there’s going to be some bad players out there, and you don’t want to feed their ego top much by thinking that they’re great legends already. On the other hand, do you really need to educate fish players?

We have all seen fish — calling stations gone wild, playing every single hand, hoping that they’re going to get lucky. Yes, it’s true that sometimes they do get lucky. But they have a tendency to have losing percentages over time, which is the last thing that we really want to see happen. What you’re going to have to do is make sure that you really do get things under control as much as possible. You just need to make sure that you’re trying to get the best outcome possible for your life. That’s really the only way that you’re going to get anything off the ground. You have to ensure that you really figure out what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it, and what point do you really want to start from. That’s poker in a nutshell.

poker competition

But let’s talk more about the fish. No, you shouldn’t try to educate poker players on your own dime. If you’re playing against them in a tournament, you don’t want to make comments like that. You want to focus on the game itself. It’s better this way for all parties involved. If you try to educate and play teacher, you might have your hard earned results laughed at anyway. You want to really ensure that you’re thinking about how to be a better player. You ultimately want to become a shark. And if that’s the type of poker player you want to be, fish are just there to be eaten. Don’t tell them that they’re fish. Don’t try to get them to play better. Take advantage of them and keep going.

If the tables were turned, they would be taking advantage of you. Maybe that’s brutal to say, but poker is a strategy game. Whoever wins, wins. Whoever loses, doesn’t. It’s really that simple. Why not keep practicing and see what you can do to beat the fish? Good luck!

Key to bluffing in poker

Anyone who plays poker knows how important it is to have a bluff strategy in place in order to win the pot. The world popular expression of ‘poker face’ requires one to master the art of bluffing without giving himself or herself away with a twitch in the face. If you find yourself lacking in this very aspect and want to pick a few tips and tricks to fool your opponent into folding as he or she believes that you have a better hand them him or her, you have come to just the right place. The ability to bluff is extremely important for any poker player who aspires to become a professional one day.

The excitement of getting the ante even with the worst hand at the table is something that can be experienced only if you are good at bluffing. However, you need to understand that bluffing is an art and you need to approach the same accordingly. Playing every hand and bluffing in every game will make the other players pick up the scent and call your bluff that can prove quite embarrassing, not to mention the amount that you will lose in the pot.  Thus, while bluffing you need to ensure that you do it well so that there is no room left for your opponent to move in for the quick kill.

bluffing in poker

Bluffing is basically lying through the teeth in the hope of swiping the pot from under the nose of other players. While this can offer quite a rush, you need to make a decision as to when to bluff and when to fold. Anyone can bluff, but it is the ability to get away with it that determines your success at it. Thus, it is important not to make stupid bluffs and to count on the combination of right timing, position, a little bit of calculation and some good poker sense as well as gut feeling. One of the most common mistakes that rookies make is bluffing right after a raise and before a flop. You should avoid doing this.

Sometimes players do not even realize that playing a reasonably good hand well will not even require them to bluff. Bluffing too often or randomly is one of the most common mistakes committed by beginners that you should avoid. You should also take the mannerisms and body language of your opponents into consideration before bluffing.